[TRNSYS-users] Type 1245 Problem in the number of series and parallel flows

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   The input file is related in this case because that is where the 
parameter value of 101 (the value that the component does not accept) is 
written. The source code is not set up to allow more than 100 collectors 
in series. In order to modify that limitation you would need to have 
access to a Fortran compiler and to recompile the Type with a higher limit.

   As a side note, a collector's efficiency is inversely related to its 
inlet temperature. The higher the inlet temperature the lower the 
efficiency. I think that with so many collectors in series, the 
efficiency of the collectors near the end is going to be very close to 
zero and therefore you won't get much of a temperature rise out of them 
anyway. I would highly recommend putting your collectors in parallel 

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On 03/18/2021 06:21, Zhaojing Yin via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear all
> I have been working with Type 1245 PTC in TRNSYS 17. I got an error 
> when I tried to increase  the "Number in Series" above 100 , for 
> instance 101. The error indicates the  input file which is unrelated 
> !! There is no info whether there is any maximum limit for the 
> parameter. I highly appreciate your help.
> *** Fatal Error at time   :         0.000000
>     Generated by Unit     :     2
>     Generated by Type     :  1245
>     TRNSYS Message    103 : The TRNSYS TYPE checking routine has found 
> an inconsistency in the specified component between the input file and 
> the information expected by the Type
>     Reported information  : An illegal PARAMETER value has been 
> reported by the model. The model has reported that Parameter 1 is the 
> problem - but this may not be the case. Please check the component 
> configuration.
> Best Regards,
>  Zhao
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