[TRNSYS-users] water-to-water heat pump

saeid mohammadzadeh s.mohammadzadeh66 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 02:27:39 PDT 2020

Dear users;

I hope you all are well and safe. I am modeling a water to water ground
source heat pump (Type 927) in our lab and would like to validate it with
the actual data.
I have two main questions as follows:
1- How we can control the heat pump unit based on the outlet load
temperature (for example 40 C in winter). Since there is no thermostat in
the room, only we give the desire outlet load temperature (temperature of
the water that goes to the fan coil in the room). Therefore, HP maintains
this temperature all time.
2. In the gound loop side, the fluid goes to the two parallel vertical
"double" U-tube wells. So my question is how is it possible to model Double
U_tube in TRNSYS?

Thank you very much in advance, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

*Best Regards*
*Saeid Mohammadzadeh Bina, Dr. (Eng.)*
*Akita University*
*Graduate school of International Resource Sciences*
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*Tel: **+815068665026 (Japan)*
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