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Open the proforma for the model in question. Change the minimum from 1
to 0 and save the proforma. Then use the REFRESH menu option to load
your changes into the Studio. When you drag out a new version your
change should be apparent. While we are talking about Type 60 please be
somewhat careful. Other users have reported strange behavior with that
model and we have removed it from the standard library in newer


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On 03/18/2019 3:06 pm, mohamed sarmouk via TRNSYS-users wrote: 

> Hello everyone, 
> i am working with the TYPE 60J (horizontal cylinder), in order to enter the height of the tank for a horizontal cylinder i should enter its diameter and in my case its 450 mm or 0.45 m. 
> the problem is when i run the calculation an error occur (MESSAGE  : ONE OR MORE OF THE PARAMETERS ENTERED AS HEIGHTS EXCEEDS THE HEIGHT OF THE TANK.) i checked and i found that height of heating element 2 & height of thermostat 2 are set by default to 1m and the range is between [1;15]m so it can't be set to a value below 1m. 
> would you please give me an alternative or a solution if there is one. 
> kind regards. 
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