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The collector models that you reference are not intended to work with
two-phase flow like steam and were written assuming constant liquid
inlet and outlet fluid properties. Have you considered keeping the
collector loop isolated from the steam loop and utilizing a steam
generator to create the steam? Many of the large solar power plants
utilize this concept. 


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On 08/12/2019 1:16 am, Lucia Royo Pascual via TRNSYS-users wrote: 

> Hello TRNSYS users, 
> I am writing to you this e-mail in order to ask you about the simulation of steam cycle using a solar field (Fresnel or flat plate collector). 
> The idea is to simulate the water-steam stream using the solar field. I have seen that there is the possibility to use a flash tank to separate water and steam in the TESS library. In this tank, it is possible to define the pressure. However, I have seen that in the solar collector field it is not possible to fix the outlet pressure, only the Cp can be modified. 
> Could you explain me briefly how can I change the outlet pressure in the collector type? It is possible to define steam at the outlet using a control? Is there any example that I can use to start my simulation? 
> I have TESS libraries, but I have seen that there is no example of this feature… 
> Thank you in advance, 
> Kind regards, 
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