[TRNSYS-users] Fuel cell CHP

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  It is a bit hard to answer your question because "CHP" covers a very 
great number of possible technology combinations. One possibility is 
that you are producing electricity with a fuel cell and recuperating 
heat from the fuel cell for some other purpose. The PEM fuel cell model 
gives you an estimate of various heat flows (heat flow into the cooling 
water, heat loss to ambient, required aux heat, etc.) Those heat flows 
can be the inputs to other parts of the CHP system by imposing them on 
liquid flows either using an equation or using components from the TESS 
Loads and Structures library (have a look at Type682). Can you be more 
specific about the shortcomings that you see? It would help a lot in 
giving a more direct answer.

kind regards,


On 02/01/2018 07:59, Laura Guillon via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I would like to simulate in TRNSYS a fuel cell cogeneration (CHP) 
> system for a residential building.
> I do not find a type in the Cogeneration TESS library that simulate 
> this kind of equipment. And I am not sure that the Fuel cell types in 
> the Hydrogen systems library can be used for a cogeneration system.
> I have already used type 907 (IC engine cogeneration) in the past and 
> I am wondering if it makes sense to use data from the fuel cell CHP in 
> the type 907 (external file).
> Do you have other suggestions ?
> Thank you,
> Laura
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