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Dear Mohamed,

There are probably two distinct ways in order to go forward with this, depending on why and how you want to model your desalination system. 
If you want to use the desalination unit to see how it interacts with a renewable energy system and so on, you could model through a set of equations derived from a desalination unit that you have tested in the laboratory, or for which you have accurate operational data through the manufacturer. 
If on the other hand, you want to simulate each component of the system (e.g. for a RO unit the membranes, pressure vessels, pumps, energy recovery units etc.) you essentially have to write a new type for each. The type could be empirical (e.g. measured data from an experiment), a purely mathematical model or a combination, depending on the available resources and how you intend to use the output.

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> Hello All,
> I am trying to build complete desalination plant using TRNSYS, but I faced
> a lot of difficulties. So, I am wondering if there anyone working in the
> same field that we can help each other?
> Best
> Mohamed
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