[TRNSYS-users] COMIS house with 2 floors

Ciprian Calianu calinex50 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 07:36:09 PST 2016

Dear TRNSYS users and teachers,

  I have a college project and my teacher gave me a house with 2 floors.
First steps I realized, I built the house and added the gains with
schedules. I decided to generate the infiltrations and coupling air flow
with COMIS. I represented all the rooms with height, width and length with
the specific links between them and exterior windows and facades.
  My question is: how can I proceed further in order to connect the ground
floor with first floor and then with the second floor? I tried in the
right-sided toolbar with Aivc -> Typical -> Flooring -> and here I chose
Intermediate floor -> Tongued and grooved boarding AIVC-237 . I observed
that it has the same properties as a Crack wall and I supposed that I
needed just to fill in with the properties and make the logic links between
them. and then continue with the adjacents walls between rooms on the first
Should I have chosen something else? Btw I saw the example with the
restaurant but it has just the ground floor.

Thank you in advance,
Ciprian CALIANU.
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