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Betreff: [TRNSYS-users] TRNFLOW and thermal relation between two airnodes

Hi all,
I designed with google sketchup 2 boxes, 1m3 each. Those two boxes are adjacent to each other.
I set up the adjacent surface between both as a virtual surface, expecting that the two airnodes would be linked to each other (air motion link).
I assumed that if I set up a ventilation rate in one airnode, the other airnode would be affected, and the two air temperatures would be really close to each other. Because I assumed that thanks to the virtual surface, the two airnodes would act like one airnode.
However there is not such link between both according to the air temperature result.
Therefore, I coupled the two airnodes in the TYP56, but i'm surprised that I have to set up a ventilation rate between the airnodes.
Also, I dont understand why there are "upper" and "lower" configurations.

Finally, I tried to couple the two airnodes using TRNFLOW, but when I use "large opening", nothing appear on the left frame, which still shows "undefined". Thus I get an error when I try to close TRNBUILD.
I think I don't use TRNFLOW or the coupling option correctly. Can someone help me or direct me to a tutorial so that I can learn how to couple the two airnodes properly?
Thanks a lot in advance

Wirich Freppel
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