[TRNSYS-users] type 155 m-file

Sandeep Singh Chahal chahals at uab.edu
Fri Dec 4 09:00:18 PST 2015

Dear TRNSYS users,

I am trying write down m-file within type-155. I have question regarding "trnInfo (15x1) : TRNSYS info array" It is clear that this array has 15 rows and one column. Can anyone please clear my following questions?

  1.  Why we are only using trnInfo(3), trnInfo(6), trninfo(7), trnInfo(8) and trnInfo(13)?

  2.  What does this condition means  ( trnInfo(8) == -1 )?

  3.  What does this  condition means ( trnInfo(13)==1)?

I have looked into mathematical reference for type-155, can share any other material I could help to understand better.  I have worked on Matlab but don't have deep knowledge of programming.

I will greatly appreciate your help.


Sandeep Chahal

Research Assistant

UAB School of Engineering
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