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Hi Ling,
   In addition to Diego's solution, you can also use a Fortran compiler to 
modify the Type683 so that it takes the regeneration temperature as an 
input and calculates the resulting process stream outlet humidity ratio. We 
did so for a project recently but the client asked that we not release the 
modification publicly for a year and a half. The modification involves 
changing Type683's internal iterative scheme somewhat but the algebra is 
not too difficult.
Kind regards,

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>Dear Trnsys Users.
>Hi! I am trying to model a rotary desiccant wheel dehumidifier, hence Type 
>683 was chosen. In this model, the required inputs are the process air and 
>regeneration air stream mass flow rates, the process stream inlet 
>conditions (dry bulb temperature and absolute humidity ratio), the desired 
>process stream outlet humidity ratio, and the regeneration stream inlet 
>absolute humidity ratio.
>However, I would like to have the regeneration stream inlet temperature to 
>be specified by the user and the process air outlet humidity ratio to be 
>calculated by the model (i.e. not a set point). This could not be done in 
>this model. Have anyone come across this problem before and developed a 
>new model to suit this requirement?
>Thank you in advance for any help.
>Best regards,
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