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   In TRNSYS 15, the starting time of a simulation was specified as the 
start time plus the time step. A lot of people found this confusing and it 
caused some problems in the TRNSYS code so in TRNSYS 16, the specified 
start time is the actual starting time of the simulation. The equation:

>staday= (start+23)/24,

calculates the starting day of the simulation using the TRNSYS 15 
definition of the variable "start." The equation:


performs the same calculation using the TRNSYS 16 definition of the 
variable "start"

>Also if you have some elementary level examples related to buildings 
>(apart from existing examples), using type9 or type 16, please provide me 
>to enhance my knowledge in TRNSYS

usually, Type9 is used to read user format data files of solar radiation 
and other ambient conditions. The outputs of Type9 are often passed to 
Type16, which processes the data file solar radiation and converts it to 
solar radiation onto tilted surfaces. You might contact your distributor 
with specific questions if you cannot figure out how to use those two 
components to read and process your data. If you have standard format data 
files (IWEC, CWEC, TMY2, TMY, EnergyPlus, etc.) you can read and process 
those using a single component. Either standard Type109 or the freely 
available Type201 (http://www.trnsys.com - follow the "Freebies" link at 
the left) will perform the functions of both Type9 and Type16 at once.
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