[TRNSYS-users] parametric table with type 56

Enertech sidler at club-internet.fr
Tue Nov 8 03:31:30 PST 2005

Dear TRNSYS Users,

In a building simulation study, I want to do a batch simulation by changing 
automatically several parameters. So, I would like to use TRNEDIT and a 
parametric table. My problem is that the file I want to 
use,"Energy_zone.bal", is overwritten at each simulation and that I don't 
know how to increment this file name.

I know that the output file must have the same name that the *.trd file to 
be incremented but I don't know how to change the name of energy_zone.bal.
As a solution, I'm trying to recalculate the data contained in the file 
"energy_zone.bal" with direct outputs of the *.bui file, but I don't know 
how to calculate QTRANS and QSOLGAIN (see volume 6 part 2, page 103), these 
variables are not direct outputs.
So, what do you think I should do ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

tel-fax : 04 75 90 18 54
Email : sidler at club-internet.fr
Web  : http://sidler.club.fr

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