[TRNSYS-users] energy_zone.bal / T56_std-Output.sum

Enertech sidler at club-internet.fr
Mon Nov 7 04:06:12 PST 2005

Dear TRNSYS Users,

For a yearly building energy balance, I usually use the output 
"energy_zone.bal". I've just done a little comparison between results from 
"energy_zone.bal" and from "T56_std-Output.sum" (see attached file). The 
comparison is perfectly correct for HEATING, COOLING, INFILTRATION, 
VENTILATION and INT_GAINS but not for solar gains (Qsol_gain in 
energy_zone.bal and solar rad in T56_std-Output.sum). I don't understand 
why there is a difference. Should these values be equal ? If not, can you 
tell me if Qsol_gain in energy_zone.bal corresponds to the solar gains of 
the zone ? So, what is solar_rad ?

Kind Regards,

tel-fax : 04 75 90 18 54
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