[TRNSYS-users] libmx and file close error

Michaël Kummert michael.kummert at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 10:30:12 PST 2005

Krishna, Rémi,

> I experienced this problem as well.  The file libmx.dll is associated 
> with the Type 155 that helps trnsys communicate with matlab.  For some 
> reason, the the .dll file that is for Type 155 calls this libmx.dll even 
> if you don't have any reference to matlab in your program.  The only way 
> I managed to eliminate the error is by removing the Type155 .dll from my 
> program files. 

I believe that what you see is one of the problems that happens when you 
update to 16.00.0038 without uninstalling your previous version first.
I also believe the setup program prominently displays a warning about 
that, but of course who reads warnings anyway?
If that is the case you may end up with 2 versions of Type155.dll: one 
in /Exe, the other one in /UserLib. You should delete the one in /UserLib.

Loading Type155.dll is only possible if Matlab is installed on the 
machine. For that reason, TRNSYS will only load Type155.dll if Type155 
is used in the deck. But in order to do that it has to know where to 
find Type155.dll and handle it in a special way. If you have an extra 
copy of Type155.dll in UserLib, TRNSYS will do what it does with any DLL 
there: it first loads it to know which Types are in it, then it possibly 
unloads it if the Types are not used in the deck. But if Matlab is not 
installed, it fails at the first step.

While we are at it, I also believe you will have an extra copy of 
Type62.dll left in UserLib if you have updated to 16.00.0038 
"improperly". You should also delete that one if present. And if anyone 
still using 16.00.0037 or an older version reads this, do not delete 

Kind regards,

Michaël Kummert


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