[TRNSYS-users] libmx and file close error

"Charron, Rémi" remi.charron at nrcan.gc.ca
Thu Dec 15 09:56:07 PST 2005

Hi Krishna,
I experienced this problem as well.  The file libmx.dll is associated with
the Type 155 that helps trnsys communicate with matlab.  For some reason,
the the .dll file that is for Type 155 calls this libmx.dll even if you
don't have any reference to matlab in your program.  The only way I managed
to eliminate the error is by removing the Type155 .dll from my program

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          I am running a trnsys 16 simulation and I get an error libmx.dll
not found. But after I click OK the simulation proceeds fine. At the end of
the simulation I get some file close error from fortran and the program does
not output results for the last time step. The file close error seems to
state that the error is from TYPE 0 but I do not have any TYPE 0 in my
   Could anyone let me know how to correct this problem. I have attached
both the error messages. I am not sure if the second error is because of the
first one.

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