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Michaël Kummert kummert at engr.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 30 10:11:29 PDT 2004


You should connect the air temperature in the zone to Type36 input and 
you can use Type36's first output (Energy rate to the zone) as a gain in 
Type56: define a gain as an input in Prebid, and then connect that input 
to Type36's first output.

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Michaël Kummert

on 2004-06-30 10:45, Chel Arvind Laxmikant wrote:

> Hi TRNSYS users,
> I am using TNSYS 15 version
> My Question?
> Vented trombe wall connections to be done in IISibat and how to get
> results for zone temperature when Trombe wall is included? How to include
> Trombe wall Type 36d in Prebid to define wall as Trombe wall?Send me
> sample example file for this query? How connections to be made for Type 36
> d in iisibat.
> I have to obtain zone temperature results for single zone building with
> one south east wall to be made vented Trombe wall using type 36d(i.e. all
> internal calculations for mass flow rate and transmittance from glazing)
> only dimensional inputs are to be given in this type.
> I have prepared iisibat connection for single zone building i am getting
> zone temperature output, but now i want to check one of the wall to be
> vented Trombe wall. for that i dragged Type 36 d and given input tamb from
> type 9a and It, beam radiation, incidence angle from type 16i radiation
> processor.
> But for  type 36d i need to give zone temp as input.
> But i need to simulate whole building considering its one wall is vented
> Trombe wall, is it possible to know zone temperature variation when vented
> trombe wall is introduced as type 36d,
>  how to make connections can u send me the sample iisibat file for vented
> trombe wall, is trombe wall to be defined in bui file in prebid to make
> one of the wall as vented Trombe wall?
> Waiting for ur reply send me the sample program in iisibat+bui file having
> vented trombe wall defined to obtain zone temperature variation of single
> zone building.
>  arvindchel at iitb.ac.in
>    Regards
>    Arvind L. Chel
>    M.Tech. Energy Systems Engg.{IIT Bombay}
>    B.E (Mech){Govt. Engg. Col. Aurangabad}
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