[TRNSYS-users] Reply me about Vented Trombe wall

Chel Arvind Laxmikant arvindchel at iitb.ac.in
Wed Jun 30 08:45:21 PDT 2004

Hi TRNSYS users,
I am using TNSYS 15 version
My Question?
Vented trombe wall connections to be done in IISibat and how to get
results for zone temperature when Trombe wall is included? How to include
Trombe wall Type 36d in Prebid to define wall as Trombe wall?Send me
sample example file for this query? How connections to be made for Type 36
d in iisibat.

I have to obtain zone temperature results for single zone building with
one south east wall to be made vented Trombe wall using type 36d(i.e. all
internal calculations for mass flow rate and transmittance from glazing)
only dimensional inputs are to be given in this type.

I have prepared iisibat connection for single zone building i am getting
zone temperature output, but now i want to check one of the wall to be
vented Trombe wall. for that i dragged Type 36 d and given input tamb from
type 9a and It, beam radiation, incidence angle from type 16i radiation

But for  type 36d i need to give zone temp as input.

But i need to simulate whole building considering its one wall is vented
Trombe wall, is it possible to know zone temperature variation when vented
trombe wall is introduced as type 36d,
 how to make connections can u send me the sample iisibat file for vented
trombe wall, is trombe wall to be defined in bui file in prebid to make
one of the wall as vented Trombe wall?

Waiting for ur reply send me the sample program in iisibat+bui file having
vented trombe wall defined to obtain zone temperature variation of single
zone building.

 arvindchel at iitb.ac.in


   Arvind L. Chel
   M.Tech. Energy Systems Engg.{IIT Bombay}
   B.E (Mech){Govt. Engg. Col. Aurangabad}

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