[Equest-users] New eQuest VRF capabilities - Questions - custom BDLDialogs.txt file

Paul Diglio paul.diglio at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 13 12:25:37 PST 2018

Thanks so much for the procedure to install the Max Capacity per Unit in build 7175.
Where did you learn to do this?  Way over my head! Paul Diglio
87 Fairmont Avenue 
New Haven, CT 06513 

      From: "Bishop, Bill via Equest-users" <equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org>
 To: Nicholas Caton <Nicholas.Caton at schneider-electric.com>; "equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org" <equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org> 
 Sent: Friday, November 9, 2018 6:41 PM
 Subject: Re: [Equest-users] New eQuest VRF capabilities - Questions - custom BDLDialogs.txt file
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   - Find the BDLDialogs.txt file in Documents -> eQUEST 3-65-7175 Data -> ScreensDOE23
   - Save a backup copy of the file with a different name.
   - Edit the BDLDialogs.txt file:       
      - Using a text editor, search for:    LABEL, "Rated and Design Conditions - Cooling"
      - Insert the following lines of text immediately preceding the LABEL line:
; WJB 11/09/18 - added new input field            EDIT, 19460, 19460, 0, 1, SYSTEM, 0,     MAX-CAP/UNIT,  0, STD, 580,  55,  23,  70,  0, 3,  "Max Capacity per Unit:",  LEFT, -145, 5, 1, LEFT, 4, 5,"Maximum size per indoor unit. Used for modeling of branch refrigerant piping. Affects thermal and friction losses."    
   - Save the BDLDialogs.txt file.
   - Run eQUEST as you normally would.
    Your VRF Coil tabpage should now look like this:     I believe your understanding of NUM-OF-UNITS is correct.    ~Bill    William Bishop, PE, BEMP, BEAP, CEM, LEED AP Senior Energy Engineer    T: (585) 698-1956                        F: (585) 325-6005 bbishop at pathfinder-ea.com        www.pathfinder-ea.com 134 South Fitzhugh Street Rochester, NY 14608                      Ask me why Carbon Fee & Dividend may be right for you.    From: Nicholas Caton <Nicholas.Caton at schneider-electric.com>
Sent: Friday, November 9, 2018 4:40 PM
To: equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org
Cc: Bishop, Bill <bbishop at pathfinder-ea.com>
Subject: New eQuest VRF capabilities - Questions    Hi everyone!    I have a couple questions to pose as I’m wading into the new VRF capabilities built into the new eQuest build 3.65-7175, in doe 2.3 mode.  Curious if anyone else in parallel has solved any of the following, or else would like to pile on with additional queries:       
   - Where in the eQuest interface can I review/edit the input for MAX-CAP/UNIT in a VRF system?  I’ve seen repeated references to this between the SIM outputs and the reference help files, and I know the default is affected by the indoor cassette type selection (VRF-TERM-TYPE)…  I just can’t find the input in the airside system (PVVT), zonal inputs, or Condensing unit input windows… Probably I’m just missing it, but is it perhaps missing in the interface?
   - Expanding on the last question, am I correct in understanding the NUMBER-OF-UNITS input within the preceding reference article for MAX-CAP/UNIT is referring to this input under “Unit Staging” in the Basics tab for Air-Side Systems?  Seems from the article this could serve as a proxy for MAX-CAP/UNIT in effect…
   - For determining thermal losses, is refrigerant line insulation an editable input for branch (airside system) and leader/header (condensing unit) refrigerant piping?  Is that just a constant omitted for simplicity of inputs?
   - For illustration, is there a system diagram anywhere at present in the reference manual, similar to those provided for existing SYSTEM articles? (I’m thinking this might provide an overview of the terminology like leader vs header vs branch piping, and diagram the split between what inputs are specified at the CONDENSING-UNIT vs the airside SYSTEM)
   - I don’t have the impression that the condenser inputs for AUX-POWER are intended to cover auxiliary/secondary heat sources for when a VRF’s heating capacity needs an extra kick during wintertime operation.  I reckon electric baseboards are the natural answer for supplemental heat at the zone, but which inputs fields are most appropriate (if any) for radiators in an outdoor unit enclosure (Literature:https://www.daikinac.com/content/assets/DOC/White-papers-/BPG-EXTAMB.pdf)?
   - Would it be possible to identify makes/models of real world equipment that the library performance curves are based upon?
 … Answering my own question:  Comments within the BDLLIB.DAT file (eQuest Data Directoryà ../DOE23/BDLLIB.DAT), starting on line 25094, provide some sources for the VRF library performance curves.    Here is a curve commentary reference I made for myself – may as well share:    VRF Curve                                                          Comment VRF-FAN-EIR-FPLR                                           $1.4 exponent for multi-speed fans   VRF-HP-Resys-ClCap-fSST&ODB                 $Daikin RXYMQ48MVJU, no SST dependence  VRF-HP-Resys-ClEIR-fSST&ODB                  $Daikin RXYMQ48MVJU, no SST dependence  VRF-HP-Resys-ClEIR-fPLR                              $Coefficients from Daikin for EER~11 excluding indoor fan heat  VRF-HP-Resys-Cycle-fPLR                              $Estimated, 1.6 minutes at 50% cycle VRF-HP-Resys-HtCap-fSCT&OWB              $Daikin RXYMQ48MVJU, no SCT dependence VRF-HP-DefrostCap-fOWB                           $Daikin and Mitsubishi similar VRF-HP-Resys-HtEIR-fSCT&OWB                 $Daikin RXYMQ48MVJU, no SCT dependence  VRF-HP-Resys-HtEIR-fPLR                             * no comment * VRF-HP-Resys-Crankcase-fPLR                    $Used for both heating and cooling VRF-EP-Cap-fSDT&SST                                    $From EnergyPlus sample input - high speed curve VRF-EP-EIR-fSDT&SST                                    $From EnergyPlus sample input - high speed curve VRF-EP-EIR-fPLR                                               $From EnergyPlus sample input, refitted - Ratio & DT VRF044-Cap-fSST&SDT                                  $DanFoss VZH028-035-044    VRF044-EIR-fSST&SDT                                    $DanFoss VZH028-035-044   VRF044-EIR-fPLR                                               $DanFoss VZH028-035-044        VRF088-Cap-fSST&SDT                                  $DanFoss VZH088AG    VRF088-EIR-fSST&SDT                                    $DanFoss VZH088AG  VRF088-EIR-fPLR                                              $DanFoss VZH088AG VRF_CL_ThermLoss_fPLR&SST                   $From typical piping layout for 20 ton system VRF_HT_ThermLoss_fPLR&SDT                  $From typical piping layout for 20 ton system VRF_COOL_DTSAT_fSST                                $From typical piping layout for 20 ton system VRF_HEAT_DTSAT_fSDT                                $From typical piping layout for 20 ton system      Thanks,    ~Nick     Nick Caton, P.E., BEMP 
|   Senior Energy Engineer
  Regional Energy Engineering Manager   Energy and Sustainability Services
  Schneider Electric  | D  913.564.6361
M  785.410.3317
F  913.564.6380
E  nicholas.caton at schneider-electric.com  | 15200 Santa Fe Trail Drive
Suite 204
Lenexa, KS 66219
United States  |
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