[Equest-users] Using LBNL WINDOW to create custom glass types

David Reddy david at 360-analytics.com
Thu Dec 13 12:59:48 PST 2018

Thanks for this summary Bill!

On this topic, over the past few years we've run into a few bugs with 
the WINDOW -> eQUEST import.

  * In eQ v3.63 and 3.64, the import of WINDOW data neglected to
    populate the FILM-CONDS keyword when creating the custom
    GLASS-TYPE-CODE (G-T-C).  This resulted in much lower U_cog values
    than expected. We tested import with v3.65 and this bug appears to
    have been fixed.
  * If used for switchable glazing, the GLASS-TYPEs referenced by WINDOW
    objects must be listed in the input file in consecutive order. 
    Otherwise, a BDL error will result. Not sure if this has been fixed
    in v3.65
  * If used for switchable glazing, the G-T-Cs used must have an numeric
    integer name that is >1000.  Otherwise, a BDL error will result. Not
    sure if this has been fixed in v3.65

- David

On 12/13/2018 12:07 PM, Bishop, Bill via Equest-users wrote:
> Tip-of-the-month: Creating custom glass types using the latest WINDOW 
> software.
> The Window Manufacturers Window Library that comes with eQUEST is now 
> 12 years old. Today’s Zero-Energy and Passive House projects have 
> window assembly performance outside the available range of library 
> selections. eQUEST has a built-in tool for importing glass type data. 
> I have finally figured out how to use it! Here’s the process I followed:
>  1. Download and install WINDOW.
>     https://windows.lbl.gov/tools/window/software-download The
>     built-in eQUEST library glass types were created in WINDOW 5.2. I
>     installed 7.6.04 instead of the newest beta version.
>  2. Watch the Glazing System tutorial and the Window with Generic
>     Frame tutorial (in that order) and download other documentation at
>     https://windows.lbl.gov/tools/window/documentation
>  3. Open WINDOW. Respond to the Update Manager which pops-up
>     automatically. (I updated the International Glazing Database
>     (IGDB) to version 63.)
>  4. Watch the tutorials in Step 2 and follow along.
>  5. Create a new glazing system per the tutorial. When you “Calc”, the
>     results show you the COG U-factor, the VLT(Tvis) and the SHGC/SC
>     for the glazing only (no frame effects included).
>  6. Create a new window per the tutorial, using the glazing system.
>     Note: I don’t think it matters what you select for the frame type
>     as long as you use one of the first four which are standard ASHRAE
>     frames. You input the actual frame properties within eQUEST.
>  7. Save and Calc the window.
>  8. Click “Report” and select “DOE-2” report type. (DOE-2 is not a
>     Report type option from the Glazing System Library. You have to be
>     within the Window Library.)
>  9. Save the .txt file in the Window folder within the eQUEST Data
>     folder. (Such as Documents -> eQUEST 3-65-7175 Data -> Window)
> 10. Open the file with a text editor. EDIT THE FIRST LINE. The file
>     will not import properly into eQUEST if the first line starts with
>     “BERKELEY LAB WINDOW v7.6.4.0”. I don’t know which part causes the
>     error but it will work if you change the first line to:
> Window 5.2  v5.2.12  DOE-2 Data File : Multi Band Calculation
> 11. Save the edited .txt file.
> 12. Open an eQUEST model to use the new glass type.
> 13. Go to Tools -> Import Window4/5 Report File… and select the file
>     you saved in step 11.
> 14. eQUEST asks if you want to Reevaluate all components. Sure. Go crazy.
> 15. A new Glass Type Code is created, and a new Glass Type which uses
>     the new G-T-C.
> I believe the above process will work with any recent eQUEST version 
> running either DOE-2.2 or DOE-2.3 but I’ve only tried it in build 
> 7175, DOE-2.3.
> The FRAME-WIDTH, FRAME-CONDUCT and SPACER-TYPE will all alter the 
> performance of a WINDOW in eQUEST/DOE-2. See the LV-D and LV-H reports 
> to see the impact of the new glass type and frame properties. The 
> spacer type impacts window performance (as verified by BEPS/BEPU), but 
> the change doesn’t seem to appear in the LV-D and LV-H reports.
> I am still learning the WINDOW software and have not tried THERM or 
> the other LBNL software that interacts with it.
> Yes, you can use the “Simplified” method to define the glass type 
> (TYPE = SHADING-COEF), which allows you to use any values you want for 
> shading coefficient, glass conductance, visible transmittance and 
> outside emissivity. This gives less accurate solar heat gains, 
> especially with multipane and/or coated windows, and the conductance 
> does not vary with inside-to-outside temperature difference.
> Have fun and pay it forward!
> ~Bill
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> *Senior Energy Engineer*
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