[TRNSYS-users] No single-threaded DLL option

mc05106 mc05106 at mail.ntua.gr
Tue Mar 12 13:25:02 PDT 2013

 Hi to all,

 I was trying to modify a little Type 29 so that it will display output 

 My university has TRNSYS 16.1 installed in Win 7 machines. I tried to 
 compile type 29 from source code provided with Visual Studio 2005 and 
 Intel Fortran Compiler 10.1 and 11 but i kept getting the known symptom 
 where the produced DLL creates files "fort.xxx" where xxx is the logical 
 unit number.

 I read that the issue is the option in "Project settings" > Fortran > 
 Libraries > "Use run-time Libraries" must be "Single-Threaded DLL" but 
 in my Visual Studio 2005 there was no such option!(only options where 
 all "Multi-Threaded").

 I finally solved with compiling in an (Q)EMUlated windows xp machine 
 with CVF 6.6b.

 I would like to ask is it possible to compile in windows 7 enviroment?

 Which is the recommended compiler for TRNSYS 16.1 in Windows 7? are 
 there any alternatives?

 Thank you in advance,
 AXAOPOULOS IOANNIS, Undergraduate Student
 School of Mechanical Engineering
 National Technical University of Athens

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