[TRNSYS-users] New component to call Python from TRNSYS 18 (allowing to import libraries)

Michaël Kummert michael.kummert at polymtl.ca
Thu May 5 22:40:46 PDT 2022

Dear TRNSYS users,


We have developed a new TRNSYS 18 component calling Python using the C
Foreign Function Interface for Python (CFFI). The coupling method allows
importing existing Python libraries (such as numpy) in your Python modules,
providing more flexibility than the existing standard TRNSYS component (Type


The component is available (free of charge, under the MIT license) on
Zenodo: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6523078

It is provided as a zip archive with all the required files to integrate the
new component into your TRNSYS installation, including some examples. Please
check the documentation included in the zip file (in the
TRNLib\Documentation subdirectory) before trying the examples – they will
only work “out of the box” if your Python version matches the one used to
develop the component and is on Windows’ search path, but instructions are
provided to install and/or configure different versions.


The component will be briefly presented during the (online) German TRNSYS
user day, on May 17: https://trnsys.de/en/blog/trnsys-userday-2022

A training workshop will be organized at the eSim (IBPSA-Canada) conference
in Ottawa, on June 21: https://carleton.ca/esim22/en_homepage/workshops/


Nicolas Bernier, Bruno Marcotte, and Michaël Kummert

Polytechnique Montréal

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