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Hi Toni,

you said you are using an internal shading factor for the adjacent window, right? In contrast to external shading, which just uses a simple factor to determine the shading (ESHADE = 1 -> Transmission = 0), internal shading is modelling  much more detailed effects, see image below:

Of all the radiation coming in through the window, a part is absorbed by the shading device and then released to the airnode through convection, some is reflected towards the window, again there we have absorption, convection and reflection back towards the zone and so on. Therefore, an internal shading device can never prevent all solar gains from entering a zone. Please see Definition of a New Window Type and External and Internal Shading Devices of the Multizone Building part in the TRNSYS Documentation for more info on this.

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I am working in Trnsys18. I have a building model with two thermal zones (Wintergarten and one room) with an external window for the wintergarten and an adjacent window between the two zones. If I set the external shading factor of the external window to 1, I have no solar gains in the two zones, as it should be -> CORRECT!

I tried then to shade just the adjacent window between the two zones (int. shading factor of 1 in TRNBUILD) and I expected solar gains just in the wintergarten, but not in the room. I got solar gains in both zones. It seems that I am not able to shade completely just the adjacent window.

Which is the problem?

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