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mario rossi friazer2018 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 14:46:25 PST 2021

Hi everybody,

 I'm trying to model a radiant system in which the return flowrate of the
radiant is recirculated. I’m using type 11b to divide the return flowrate
into 2 parts so that the temperature at the inlet of the radiant system is
constant at 31 ° C. A part of the flowrate out of the type11b is
recirculated and a part is heated in a tank and subsequently mixed in the
type 11h with the recirculated flowrate. After the type11h I have a
constant flowrate pump (type114) and then I have the radiant system to
which I apply a negative delta_T. The flowrate out of the radiant is sent
to type11b. Having applied a negative delta_T the temperature at the inlet
of type 11b is lower than 31 ° C but trnsys gives me this error message:
"The inlet temperature and the heat source temperature have simultaneously
exceeded the set point temperature. Gamma has been set to 0 (Mode 4) or 1
(Mode 5) ". I tried to simulate the same system with the type 115 but I
have the same problems. If I simulate an open loop system such as a
domestic hot water system I haven't errors. I have errors in case i
simulate a closed loop system where recirculated water is required.

Basically the system is the same as that of page 4-328 (component
mathematical reference) figure 4.5.2-4 with the difference that the to-load
and the make-up are united (same flowrate but different temperature), but
the to-load temperature is higher than the make -up beacause of I apply a
delta_t through a calculator (equa) beetwen to-load and make-un. I hope you
can help me.

Best regards
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