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Juan José Roncal juanjose.roncal at upm.es
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Check that the formula counting the ammount of equations is taking into account all the different rows in that category.
In the addition or sustraction of rows sometimes the formula gets stuck and does not take into account the new rows if added below the last one.
Let me know if This was the issue.

Hope this is helpful

Hope to see you tomorrow at the meeting, we are discussing the output macro.

Kind regards,

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I'm using in my project a ".txt" file where I added the names and value for my inputs. 

I received the message: TRNSYS Message     48 : The TRNSYS processor has reported that an 
 unrecognized control card was found while trying to read the input file. 
 This error can be caused by underspecifying a required number of items 
 in the input file.  For example, specifiying only 9 parameters after a 
 "PARAMETERS 10" card has been read can cause this error. The line that 
 caused this error is listed in the reported information below.  Reported 
 information  : tM"
How can I solve this problem?



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