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As David mentioned, documentation in those days was provided to users in
hard copy format. We are talking about a version that is almost 20 years
old. The electronic files - and there were hundreds - were located at
the University of Wisconsin and were originally written on a word
processor program that I don't think exists anymore. When they were
archived years later, they were put on a tape drive that I'm pretty sure
is impossible to recover at this time. 

But all isn't lost. You'll just need to do some detective work to
convert it to the latest version. Many of the components haven't changed
much and you should be able to tell from the connections, and the
current inputs/outputs, what many of the inputs and outputs are in that
version. If you get stuck, we might be able to dig up the source code of
version 15 which would allow you to find the expected
parameters/inputs/outputs. We also have a hard copy of the Version 15
documentation if all else fails. 

Good luck! 


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On 09/23/2020 3:41 am, csz via TRNSYS-users wrote: 

> Hi everyone, 
> Does anyone have Documentation files for TRNSYS 15. I got some deck files from TRNSYS 15 and I need to update them into TRNSYS 17 version manually. So it's much help if you could provide me with the TRNSYS 15 documentation help files. 
> Cheers, 
> Sam Chu 
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