[TRNSYS-users] Problems with type 56 while making a custom Heat Pump model

Strahinja Jokic strahinja.jokic at cooll.eu
Fri Sep 25 02:05:25 PDT 2020

Dear TRNSYS users,

I encountered a weird problem while using TRNSYS to model a system consisting of the following components: Type 56 building, PID controller, custom made heat pump and radiator component from TESS. Using a forcing function I am attempting to vary setpoint temperature of the controller in order to be able to simulate day-night heating. When the switch of the setpoint temperatures happens the room temperature drops several degrees in a matter of seconds which shouldn't be the case. The building was validated before and it is working fine with 1 setpoint temperature. I am suspecting the discrepancy between the timestep of the simulation (1 min.) and the timebase of type 56 (1) could be a potential problem. Did anybody encounter a similar problem before and/or has any idea on how to resolve this issue?

I am looking forward to hearing from You soon,

Best regards,

Strahinja Jokic
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