[TRNSYS-users] Building simulation - Zones temperature dynamics

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
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  The wall transfer function coefficients are computed with a certain 
time base. When you run a simulation in which your time step is a lot 
smaller than the wall time base you start to see the times at which the 
wall transfer function coefficients are updated, which produces this 
step-like plot. Depending on the construction of the walls in your 
building, you can probably reduce the wall timebase and get rid of the 
steps. The time base is set in TRNBuild's output manager. I'd suggest 
using a 0.25h time base.

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On 05/06/2020 04:42, Mariam Elnour via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
>     I am simulating a 3-floor building to observe the change in the 
> zones' temperature.   In reference to the plots below, I noticed that 
> the temperature transition has a stair-like behavior. The simulation 
> step is 0.015 hr (1 min). I would appreciate your help with this as I 
> don't seem to figure what is causing it?
> Regards,
> Mariam
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