[TRNSYS-users] Shading Matrix Error

Walther, Nils nils.walther at htw-dresden.de
Mon Aug 10 05:54:15 PDT 2020

Dear TRNSYS-users,

like some other members of this list before, I am having trouble generating a shading matrix for a multizone building model. The model is quite complex 70 zones, 995 surfaces.

With the attached 3D-Model I can create a deck in Simulation Studio and succesfully run simulations but as I try to generate a shading/insulation matrix in TNRBulid the answer is:

"forrtl: severe (41): insufficient virtual memory ..."

I read everything I could find in the archive of this list and tried to solve the problem myself but did not succeed yet. I would apprechiate if some more expericenced user could take a look at my attached files and maybe find the reason why it does not work or give me more detailed advice how to debug the model.

I attached the *.idf file and a *.b18 file
The windows I used in the model can be found in the w4-lib.dat

Here is what I did by now:

I made the model this complex in order to show the divergence between simplified and more detailed building models in my research so simplifiying the model is not the first move I want to make to solve the problem.

- Reducing the complexity of the shading geometry up to no shading geometry at all ->same error

- Setting all airnoes' longwave radiation model to "simple model"

- Using a different version of sketchup to create the *.idf - file

- Importing the *.idf-file directly into  Simulation Studio or directly into TRNBuild

- set SHM_MODE=1 in the *.idf file before importing

Thank you in advance for your help,

Nils Walther

University of Applied Sciences

HTW Dresden

Dresden, Germany

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