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adnan rasheed adnan.upm.spain at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 23:42:50 PST 2019

Hello everyone,

Transys3d has 2 types of adjust windows, "ADJ_WINDOW1~ and 2".  i want to
use 3 different kinds of adjust windows as these are made of
different materials in my model, how i can give the different name for
adjust windows. i tried adding new surface( i think this  is only of opague
surface) but when i import file it gives undefined widows type.. anyone
have idea?? do i need to change the default construction type for interior
window?? if yes how i can change for 3 different names??


Adnan Rasheed
Post-doc Research Fellow
Kyungpook National University
Daegu, South Korea.
adnan.upm.spain at gmail.com, adnanrasheed at knu.ac.kr

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