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   Each version of TRNOpt is designed to work with a specific version of 
GenOpt. The two things I would recommend you check are that 1. you are 
using the same version of GenOpt that is referenced in the TESSLibs 2.x 
manual. Second, do not install either GenOpt or TRNSYS (and thus TRNOpt) 
in the .\Program Files (x86)\ directory. Instead, put both in 
directories that are on the root of a hard drive (as in c:\Trnsys16\ and 

   kind regards,


On 03/21/2019 07:58, Giorgos Koumis via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hello!
> I am user of TRNSYS 16 and I try to work TRNopt. I have read the 
> installation pdf of TRNopt with the instructions (for TRNSYS 16).
> I have started to do the example which it say.  I opened the window of 
> TRNopt, i put the necessary optimization information, I clicked to 
> settings and i put the paths (files location) of GenOpt program, JAVA 
> files and of TRNSYS program as the pdf say.
> But when i clicked 'Run optimization', the program says "GenOpt  could 
> not be found. Please check the directory in settings" .   So, in order 
> to find solution, i  had installed many times the GenOpt to any path 
> (Location) and i did again this process but i have the same problem 
> every time (it cannot find the GenOpt program). Also, I have changed 
> the permissions of the GenOpt file but i have the same problem again.
> What  i can do to solve this problem ?
> I am beginner at this, so if you have any info about TRNopt to tell 
> me, it would be helpful for me.
> Thank you,
> /Kind regards, Giorgos/
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