[TRNSYS-users] Question-Getting Started with TRNopt

Giorgos Koumis giorgoskoumi at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 21 05:58:44 PDT 2019

I am user of TRNSYS 16 and I try to work TRNopt. I have read the installation pdf  of TRNopt   with the instructions (for TRNSYS 16).
I have started to do the example which it say.  I opened the window of TRNopt, i put the necessary optimization information, I clicked to settings and i put the paths (files location) of GenOpt program, JAVA files and of TRNSYS program as the pdf say.
But when i clicked 'Run optimization', the program says "GenOpt  could not be found. Please check the directory in settings" .   So, in order to find solution, i  had installed many times the GenOpt to any path (Location) and i did again this process but i have the same problem every time (it cannot find the GenOpt program). Also, I have changed the permissions of the GenOpt file but i have the same problem again.
What  i can do to solve this problem ?

I am beginner at this, so if you have any info about TRNopt to tell me, it would be helpful for me.
Thank you,

Kind regards,
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