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  A latent cooling load is the latent energy that has to be removed from 
or added to the air in order to maintain a humidity set point. So unless 
you define a humidity setpoint, there will not be a latent load.

   That said, often the way buildings are cooled causes there to be some 
latent energy removal from the space while performing sensible cooling 
to maintain space set point temperatures. There is a component in the 
TESS Loads and Structures library (Type2280 - latent load calculator) 
that makes an estimate of the amount of latent energy removal that 
happens as a result of sensible cooling. If you have access to that 
library, I would recommend using that component.

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On 01/31/2019 20:13, Maria Panagiotidou via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear users,
> I am calculating the heating and cooling load of a residential 
> building. I have an unlimited heating and an unlimited cooling system 
> (without humidification/dehumidification). I can't find the output (of 
> Type 56) for the latent cooling load. I can see the output of latent 
> gains, the humidification/dehumidification cooling load, but I don't 
> see anything for the latent cooling load without 
> humidification/dehumidification.
> Could anybody help me?
> Kind Regards,
> Maria Panagiotidou
> PhD candidate
> The University of Melbourne
> Victoria
> 3010 Australia
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