[TRNSYS-users] Trnsys 3D and Sketchup

Domenico Mazzeo domenico.mazzeo at unical.it
Thu Nov 29 01:55:02 PST 2018

Dear All,
I am going to simulate a building by building in Skerchup the geometry and
then by importing the idf file in trnsys.
Unfortunately, when I import the idf file in trnsys, the bui file does not
contain the building and it is empty.
If I create the same idf in another pc with the same sketchup version the
importation run well.
I believe that the problem at this point is due to sketchup.
Havw you any suggestion to solve this problem?
Which version of sketchup is more indicate to use sketchup with trnsys 17?
Can you send me a link to download it?
Best regards
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