[TRNSYS-users] Questions about Types 107 and 680

Alexandros Tsimpoukis atsimpoukis at uth.gr
Thu Nov 8 09:01:04 PST 2018

Dear all

I have several questions regarding the types 107 and 680.

1.    Type 107 and Type680 use a normalized catalog data which has 
limited values for Inlet Hot Water Temperature (from 108.89 (C) to 
116.11 (C)), Entering Cooling Water Temperature (from 26.667 (C) to 
32.222 (C)), Chilled Water Set point (from 5.556 (C)to 10.000 (C)). Ιf 
we use values outside this range, do we get wrong results?

2.    Τhe energy is discharged into the cooling water stream. If we want 
energy rejection to be done in the air, can we achieve it by changing 
the value of cp?

3.    Which working pair ( LiBr-H2O, H2O-NH3 ) is it used in the data 
file? Ηow can we study the effect of the concentration in the chilled power?

4.    The single effect hot water fired absorption chiller is used to 
solve energy balances between hot water, cooling water, chilled water, 
auxiliary electrical power. A more detailed analysis is it possible?

Kind regards,

Alexandros Tsimpoukis

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