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s0537085 s0537085 at HTW-Berlin.de
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Hey David,


thank you for your hint.

I´ll use your solution for the parameter-issue.

And concerning the code, I found the problem. The values for lamdaa,tetaa
etc. are also arrays. So I tried to write an array(x) to a single “slot” of
my SPEICHER-Array.


Kind regards,



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 Parameters cannot be passed from one component to another. The best
solution, I think, would be to take the pipe diameter as a parameter to your
model. In the simulation studio you can then set the value of that parameter
as the result of an equation (select units of "string" in Trnsys17 or units
of "variable name" in Trnsys18). Then define an equation such as 

pipe_dia = 0.02

and use pipe_dia as the value of the parameter for both components.

kind regards,




On 03/04/2018 14:45, s0537085 via TRNSYS-users wrote:

Dear TRNSYS-Community,


for my own type I need to know the diameter of type 31, in order to apply
Torricelli´s Law. There for I´m looking for an solution to get the parameter
of type 31. Is there a way?


Kind regards


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