[TRNSYS-users] How can I set outdoor CO2 concentration?

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Dear Heungbin Lim,

You can set the CO2 concentration in TRNFlow under Definition of Pollutants. The concentration has to be set as an outside concentration factors
c = mp/ma
mp= mass of pollutant in a certain volume of polluted air [kg]
ma = mass of dry and clean air in the same volume of polluted air [kg]

Please have a look into the TRNFlow Manual 2.3. Pollutant Model and 3.4. Pollutants for detailed information.


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To all

Hi. I’m trying to make a house model with CO2-DCV system using trnflow. But I can’t find where to set outdoor CO2 concentration.
Or are there other ways to compose CO2 modeling?
I want to set CO2 concentration to 400 ppm.
Thanks fir your efforts.

Best regards,
Heungbin Lim.

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