[TRNSYS-users] TRN18 - Type155.dll

Vojtech Zavrel Vojtech.Zavrel at fs.cvut.cz
Thu Jun 14 03:01:09 PDT 2018

Dear all,

Recently, I have upgraded my TRNSYS version  to TRNSYS18. To note,
previously I managed to create a link between TRNSYS 17 and MATLAB via TYPE
155 without any trouble. However I am not able to repeat it with the new


I tried type155.dll for Matlab 2015a from the previous version TRN17,
unfortunately without any success.  I believe that I have set everything
correctly (environmental path, Matlab 32bit etc.) so my only doubt is about
compatibility of the type155.dll. 

Do you know which Matlab version is supported by the default type155.dll in
TRNSYS18? Can anybody share some type155.dll for TRN18 and Matlab versions
listed below?


 <https://download.cvut.cz/info/info.php?&did=772> Matlab R2018a 64bit

 <https://download.cvut.cz/info/info.php?&did=765> Matlab R2017a 64bit

 <https://download.cvut.cz/info/info.php?&did=762> Matlab R2016b 64bit

 <https://download.cvut.cz/info/info.php?&did=744> Matlab R2015b 64bit

 <https://download.cvut.cz/info/info.php?&did=739> Matlab R2015a 64bit


Thank you in advance

Best Regards

Vojtech Zavrel

CTU in Prague 

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