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Ale Vargas ale.varc93 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 16:42:18 PDT 2018

Thank you very much! I understood everything you explained, but
temperatures of nodes don't depend on time? When we see the external file,
just gives 1 temperature for each node (this temperature is the mean?). I
need to know how temperature of the soil at 2 meters depth varies on the
time, so I need disturbed temperature of soil by the horizontal heat
exchanger (type 77 doesn't work in this case)

How can I obtain this temperature in TRNSYS?

Thanks in advance!

2018-06-06 13:09 GMT-04:00 Jeff Thornton via TRNSYS-users <
trnsys-users at lists.onebuilding.org>:

> The Type 997 output files follow a simple format that is described below.
> Registered users have access to a brand new soil temperature viewer that
> shows the temperature field in any of the 3 planar views.  But to your
> question:
> First imagine that you are looking down on the soil from above as you
> would a piece of paper on your desk.  Moving from left to right is the
> x-direction (i), moving from bottom to top is the y-direction (j), and
> moving down from the surface is the z-direction (k).  Therefore the lower
> left corner of your "paper", at the surface, is node (1,1,1).  The bottom
> right corner at the soil surface would be (NX,1,1), the upper left corner
> at the surface would be (1,NY,1) and the upper right corner at the surface
> would be (NX,NY,1).  In a similar manner, the lower left corner of your
> paper at the very bottom of the soil field would be (1,1,NZ).  With that in
> mind the format of the file is then:
> NX  NY  NZ     !Number of nodes in x, y and z directions
> DX(1)  DX(2)....DX(NX)    !The size of the nodes in the x-direction
> DY(1)  DY(2)....DY(NY)    !The size of the nodes in the y-direction
> DZ(1)  DZ(2)....DX(NZ)    !The size of the nodes in the z-direction
> These lines are supplied only once.  The following lines are repeated in
> patterns for for each vertical node.  Let's assume 3 nodes in the
> x-direction, 4-nodes in the y-direction and 3 nodes in the z-direction so
> you can see the pattern
> *Vertical Layer = 1
> T(1,4,,1)  T(2,4,1)  T(3,4,1)
> T(1,3,,1)  T(2,3,1)  T(3,3,1)
> T(1,2,,1)  T(2,2,1)  T(3,2,1)
> T(1,1,,1)  T(2,1,1)  T(3,1,1)
> *Vertical Layer = 2
> T(1,4,,2)  T(2,4,2)  T(3,4,2)
> T(1,3,,2)  T(2,3,2)  T(3,3,2)
> T(1,2,,2)  T(2,2,2)  T(3,2,2)
> T(1,1,,2)  T(2,1,2)  T(3,1,2)
> *Vertical Layer = 3
> T(1,4,,3)  T(2,4,3)  T(3,4,3)
> T(1,3,,3)  T(2,3,3)  T(3,3,3)
> T(1,2,,3)  T(2,2,3)  T(3,2,3)
> T(1,1,,3)  T(2,1,3)  T(3,1,3)
> So if you don't want to use the temperature viewer, you could figure out
> which z-layer occurs at the 2 meter depth and grab those temperatures in
> the x-y plane and put them into Excel or any other graphing package.  The
> nice thing about the temperature viewer is that it accounts for the
> different sizes of nodes where Excel will not (well not easily).
> Hope this helps.
> Jeff
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> On 06/06/2018 6:14 am, alevarc93 via TRNSYS-users wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> I’m working with type 997 to model horizontal heat exchanger in the
>> ground and I need to know how the temperature of the ground behaves at
>> two meters depth during one year. I realized that type 997 gives an
>> external file with temperatures of soil but I don’t understand the
>> format and how to interpret it. This shows temperatures of various
>> vertical layers and another numbers that I don’t understand.
>> I’m modeling a ground heat exchanger with 6 pipes in a layer and 2
>> layers of pipes.
>> Can somebody explain how understand this external file of the type
>> 997? Anyone knows how to interpret it?
>> I need it to finish my thesis!
>> Thanks in advance!
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