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Dear Massimiliano,

you can simply replace the solar radiation in the .ewp file by using a text editor or MS EXCEL. For more information about Type15 please read “03-ComponentLibraryOverview Manual, 3.4.14. Weather Data Reading and Processing” or “08-WeatherData Manual”.


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Dear Users,

I have a problem concerning type56. I created the model of the building I'm studying, with Google Sketchup, and through 3D Building Project
I put it on TRNSYS.

The TRNSYS program asks me to insert the TM2 file but without having it, I inserted the type15 file with the Florence EPW file in my possession.

Unfortunately I realized that in the EPW file the solar radiation is greater than the solar radiation recorded in 2016 by the Florence station.
So I ask you if there is a way to correct this radiation or if you can explain to me how type15 is connected to type56.

Kind regards


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