[TRNSYS-users] error in solar radiation distribution (sumsitot) and doubt about Type 34

Maria Ferrara via TRNSYS-users trnsys-users at lists.onebuilding.org
Mon Feb 13 14:22:29 PST 2017

Hello trnsys users, 
while running my simulation in Trnsys 16 I get the following error: 

“ Internal error in solar radiation distribution (sumsitot) of -0.066% at time 11.0000 wave length band no.21:total solar, 2:visual solar, 3: non visual solar”

Any ideas about what could cause that? 

Then, I have a doubt: 
I use Type 34 for simulating fixed shading devices on windows. I set up a dedicated orientation for each wall in which is each window to which is connected one type 34. So, the “receiver” dimensions should be the ones of the wall containing the window or the receiver is the window itself? How the model takes into account the reduction in solar radiation hitting the opaque wall?

Thank you, I will really appreciate any help concerning any of the two questions.
Best regards, 

Maria Ferrara
PhD Fellow - Energetics
DENERG, Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 - 10129 Torino, Italy
Phone: +39 011 0904552
Mobile: +39 340 6943161
E-mail: maria.ferrara at polito.it

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