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it's an AIR-to-AIR heat pump. I have connected the heat pump with type 56 defining these inputs "inlet-flowrate" and "inlet temperature" in trnbuild for the ventilation rate manager. Now i don't have the output flowrate but i think it's a  less important problem that i can bypass.

thak you

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Hi Riccardo,
which kind of heat pump are you using?
If you are using a AIRtoWATER Heat pump, you could define an active layer into the building and connect to the heat pump for example. In case you are using a AIRtoAIR Heat Pump, you could define a VENTILATION Type in TRNBUILD file and you could connect the output of the Heat pump to the input of the VENTILATION system. Did you understand?

Toni Calabrese

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i'd like to do a simulation with type 56 (where i designed my building) connected with a heat pump but with this type i can't connect the outlet flowrate of the heat pump directly with the building (i don't want to use the heating type manager in trnbuild).

anybody can help me?

i just want to study the performance of the heat pump and the temperature of the house (with the walls and materials that i decided for it in trnbuild).

thank you
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