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  A TRNSYS project can only have one instance of Type56 in it. However, 
if you define two (or more) thermal zones that have no adjacencies 
between themselves then in effect you have modeled two separate buildings.

I know that users have gotten Matlab to call TRNSYS but it is not a 
feature in TRNSYS itself. If you want the coupling to work in that 
direction then you'll need to develop a communication link yourself.

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On 04/13/2017 07:10, Eunice Herrera via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hello trnsys users,
> Currently i am working in a large-scale control framework which 
> involves several buildings. Each of these buildings has its own 
> controller. The controllers and management of the whole network are 
> developed in Matlab.
> I have some questions.
> The first one is: A trnsys project can have more than one buiding? 
> That is, several Type 56 within the same file?
> Second question: As the control management of the building network is 
> developed in Matlab, the Trnsys engine must be called by Matlab. How 
> can I accomplish this? Until now, I have been working in the other 
> direction, that is, Trnsys calling Matlab using the Type 155.
> Also, I have to figure out how to call multiple projects (if only one 
> Type56 is allowed by project) from Matlab online. It is worth noting 
> that Matlab is passing control actions to the buildings.
> I would appreciate your help.
> Eunice
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