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Hi Jeff,

In fact I am calling Matlab in my simulation to calculate some outputs, but the input is constant for the entire simulation which means the outputs would be also the same. So I need to call Matlab for the first time step only and hold the values for the remaining time (8760 hour). Basically, I don't mind making the calculation each time step, BUT it's consuming time especially if I am running an optimization.

In your suggestion, the values could be hold (25 hours max) but the call for Matlab is done anyway right?

I need the trnsys not to make the call at all after the first time step.
Hope you get what I intend to do.


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While I'm not quite sure why you might want to do that, there are certainly ways to do it.  The easiest is probably to use the input delay controller in the TESS controls library if you have it and set the "hold" time to something large.  I'm sure there are other clever ways that accomplish the same thing.  You could integrate an equation that has the output multiplied by a forcing function where the forcing function is one only at the first timestep and 0 otherwise.


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On 06/08/2016 7:43 pm, Hsein Moussawi via TRNSYS-users wrote:

Hi guys,

In certain simulation, can I make a component run for one time step only and give the same outputs for the rest of the simulation??

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