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*1)Chilled water inlet temperature is t**he temperature of the chilled
water stream entering the chiller.It is the temperature of the fluid
returning from load e.g. air handling unit.*
*whereas cooling water temperature is the the temperature at which the
cooling water flow stream enters the chiller from cooling tower to provide
cooling in its condenser unit.*

*2)Chilled water set point temperature is the the set point temperature for
the chilled water stream.  If the chiller has the capacity to meet the
current load, the chiller will modulate to meet the load and chilled water
stream will leave at this temperature.*
*So chilled water inlet temperature is at which chilled water from load
enter the chiller and chilled water set point is the temperature at which
you want the chilled water from chiller to enter in load.*

*3)Most of the chiller manufacturing companies provides softwares to check
chiller performance by varying chilled water inlet temp,cooling water temp
etc.Using that software you can create your own data file.for example check
this link*

*I hope i answered your question.*​
​M Wajahat Khan​

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