[TRNSYS-users] PVT (Type 560), input no. 14

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   I am not sure why the value of the 14th input is not impacting your 
results and would recommend that you send the project to your 
distributor for assistance. If you aren't sure who to contact please 
directly email me the contents of your user17.id file (it can be opened 
with a text editor). Please do not email the information to this entire 

   You are right that the units shown in the proforma are incorrect. The 
heat transfer coefficient between the wall of the channel and the fluid 
should be given in kJ/h.m2.K.
kind regards,

On 11/22/2015 02:09, SANJEEV JAKHAR wrote:
> Dear Trnsys users,
> I am using PVT (Type 560) system for my simulation. I am stuck in the 
> input no. 14 (fluid heat transfer coefficient) which appears to be 
> dimensionless but actually  it is in W m2/K. How come it is 
> dimensionless quantity. Also by changing its value it is not effecting 
> the results in any way. Please help me for the concern problem.
> Thanks & Regards,
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