[TRNSYS-users] Is Type23's Kp value constant for the whole cooling season?

吴伟伟v v xiaoweiweiwu at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 10 06:14:20 PST 2015

Many thanks to David’s patient reply to the previous question ”type 666 chiller’s stage control”, if we need the component that you wrote for the multiple variable capacity chiller,we will mail to you for the component price.
In addition, I have a question about type23, the PID controller. In my case, the control variable is room temperature (26℃, there is only a room in type 56 for simplicity), and the control signal is chilled water flow rate to the cooling coil (type 508d), the chiller is typer666.
During parameter tuning process, I found that the Kp value for type23 that I guessed can qualify the control objective(,i.e., the temperature of the room) only in a period time, but it is not always control well during the whole cooling season. My question is:
1.Should I continue tuning the suitable Kp value for the whole cooling season, or
2.May I guess one suitable Kp value for a week(or a period time), and guess the other reasonable Kp value for the next week?

Thank you for your time, and i am appreciated for your reply.

Kind regards,

Weiwei Wu
Chongqing University
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