[TRNSYS-users] How to best model zones in zones?

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   We have dealt with some similar cases where there is a large 
refrigerated box in the middle of a much larger zone. We simply define 
two zones with the walls of the refrigerated box enclosure being set as 
ADJACENT walls that separate the enclosure space from the larger zone 
volume. This means that you cannot do the detailed radiation exchange 
model in the larger zone (since it is no longer convex).
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On 1/7/2015 03:32, David Geiger wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm trying to model a production hall containing enclosed machines.  
> Since I am interested in the behavoir of the hall
> as well as the machine enclosures, I was wondering if it is possible 
> to define zones enclosed in other zones.
> I tried this using the 3d-multizone builging but could only get the 
> simulation to work when the boundary conditions of the machine
> enclosures were set to "external". But I suppose that's like defining 
> a shading group because the zones did not interact.
> It feels like I'm missing a big point here, so any pointers are 
> appreciated.
> Thank you very much!
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> David
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