[TRNSYS-users] Monthly kWh consumption of a building

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Hi Akash

You will need to output the electric power consumption (kJ/hr) from your electrical appliances to an integrator, set the integration period to -1 to calculate monthly energy consumption (kJ). Connect this to an equation (or a Type57 unit converter) to convert kJ->kWh, knowing that 1kWh=3600kJ. Connect this to a printer to output the results.

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Dear users,
                 I want to simulate the monthly electrical energy consumption of a case building using TRNSYS17. I have already developed the base case simulation model with all kinds of electrical plug loads.

Now please let me know that how monthly electrical energy consumption in kWh can be simulated.

is there any specify TYPE in TRNSYS17 to calculate the energy consumption in kWh?

Thanking You

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