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It sounds like you have the right idea, but it’s hard to tell exact details from your description.
Have you run the example case provided with Type98?
This example provides control of simple AHS flows and an HRV fan via control signals provided to/from CONTAM from/to TRNSYS via Type98, i.e., both signal directions are demonstrated to synchronize system flows between CONTAM and Type56.

If you want, you can send me your files, and I will look at them.

There are some things you can do to help debug your issues:
- Create report controls in the associated CONTAM project file and view outputs in <your project>.log file.
- Plot/output signals in TRNSYS to ensure correct logic, etc.
- Set the first value in the air file to 3 to write detailed data exchange info to the Type98.log file available in the Type98 AppData directory, e.g., in Windows 7 C:\Users\<you>\AppData\<Roaming>\NIST\Type98.

- Stuart

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I'm a student at Aarhus University in Denmark. I'm trying to create a Contam model, where I have a section of a building with an atrium, where I want to use natural ventilation during summer to ventilate the rooms.

I use Contam3.1 and TRNSYS 17 to couple Type56 and Type98 with each other. The coupling is going as planned. I have used constant controllers in Contam to get manual inputs, so I can vary the opening area of my paths. When I manually set the inputs from the controllers to have a value (e.g. 1) in Type98 everything is well (I get values of the flow), and when I try to connect it to an equation with a constant value, I still have a flow. But when I connect the input values to an equation with a variable value (e.g. from 1 if the outdoor temperature is 17C and above and 0 otherwise) I don't get any flow (looking over 8760 hr) - it is as if it can't read variable values.

Now when I copy everything but just use Type97 instead of Type98 and use a variable input value for the controller I get a flow. The only thing is, I get a convergence error because the Type56 isn't converging. This gives me some pretty huge errors when I compare my TRNSYS-Type98 model with TRNSYS-Type97 model.

My questions is, I really want to use Type98, is there any way I can fix the problems with the model not accepting variable input-control-signals? and if nothing can be done, how can I fix the convergence problem?

Donya Sheikh Khan

Med venlig hilsen
Donya Sheikh Khan

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