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   Type94 (and Type194) compute two power outputs. The first is the 
power at the maximum power point. The second is the power at a 
user-defined load voltage. The load voltage is an input to the model so 
if you have not hooked up a load voltage to the PV model then probably 
the load voltage is 0 and thus the power is zero. If your PV is using a 
max power point tracker (and almost all of them do) then you can simply 
use the output for the power at the maximum power point.
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On 5/20/2014 22:26, Bachchulal Gupta wrote:
> dear all
> i am simulating a five zone building, air conditioning by a packaged 
> A.c,operated by photovoltaic. the temperature of all zones are well 
> maintained in the  desired schedule but my problem is that the output 
> of PV has two option 1. Array power 2. Power at maximum power point 
> tracker
> here the array power is all times given as ZERO while power at MPPT 
> has value but i think in real that may not used .
> any one can help why this problem occurs i am attaching the model
> regards
> B.L.Gupta
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